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New pictures from July 17-21 of 2019 at the bottom.

And again we had a great crew to drive the carts and Tram to assist

anyone that needed help to travel around the fair grounds. Here are some

pictures of the crew at work. Enjoy! Click HERE to see the Opening Ceremonies

This was our headquarters

Hospitality Building

New Eagle was donated for the Fair

Fair Pic1

The crowd hasn't shown up yet!

Fair Pic2

Here is Jim Greger crossing the track to get somebody!

Fair Pic3

A very busy infield at the Fair!

Fair Pic4

The Tram waiting to go some where.

Fair Pic5

Another shot of the Tram!

Fair Pic6

Byron's turn at driving the Tram!

Fair Pic7

Again Byron's driving the Tram Tractor!

Fair Pic9

The Veterans Express!

Fair Pic10

And here is Lowell driving his Cart.

Fair Pic8

And here's Jim having a ball!

Fair Pic11

And again its Jim.

Fair Pic12

And here is Cal driving the Tram on Saturday.

Fair Pic13

Cal again!

Fair Pic15

And again!

Fair Pic14

These pictures are from 2016 Fair. Here's Mark Dexter!

Fair Pic14

And Randy and his Conductor!

Fair Pic14

This is the Fair Chapel next to our building!

Fair Pic14

Here's Randy again!

Fair Pic14

Here's Mark again!

Fair Pic14

And we also had Kevin driving!

Fair Pic14

The wonderful Fair Hostess's of 2015!

Fair Pic14

And again!

Fair Pic14


Fair Pic14

This year, 2019 the Barron Post presented a check to Anderson Park


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